Friday, January 20, 2012

Crêpe party!

I am now away at school and having a great time! Before I left, my mom and I put together my going away party and she had the great idea to make a stack of crêpes and a sweet and savory station so that people could construct their lunch and dessert! It was so much fun. I made (I think it was) 8 times this recipe.
My mom made a Greek salad, chicken, sauteed mushrooms, asparagus and a variety of cheeses and sauces for the savory station. Then we set out nutella, melted chocolate, chopped mint, berries, marmalade, jam, mini chocolate chips, freshly whipped cream, powdered sugar, sugar, lemon and butter for the sweet station. It was a great party and so simple to put together, just be ready for a long time at the stove pouring and flipping crêpes! Make these for your sweetheart on Valentine's day or for your next party! <3

The everything crepe: nutella, berries, mini chips, mint and chantilly/whipped cream!
The sweet station



Jordan (:


I try not to post too many repetitive pictures, but this crepe was just so photogenic!

For Molly Katzen's amazing crepe recipe to host your own crepe party check out this post!

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