Friday, December 31, 2010

Inception Cupcakes

These cupcakes are vanilla with a really creamy vanilla buttercream, then topped with edible totems and sugar crystals. The totems are made with gum paste and painted with edible gel paints.
Note: You can get sugar crystals like these by breaking them off of those coffee stirrers that are covered in crystals and are supposed to melt in your coffee :)

Back in the States

Hey Everybody!
So, I don't know what happened to December, but here are all of the photos since my last post! Before I left for home, I went to Wales to visit Hannah, we had snow, I did a wedding cake class, went to a Paramore concert , the ballet and Oxford. Lots of fun stuff!
Hope you enjoy seeing what I was up to and I am very happy to be home and excited to go back again soon!

The wedding cakes I made from the workshop.

Sarah and I tried out my new techniques in the Lobby.

Paramore at the O2


The Oxford Camera

Hannah and I in Wales

                                                  Spontaneous snowfall in Cardiff!

The Christmas Tree Lighting in Trafalgar Square

Snowy London Streets

Opera House

At the Ballet

In the Tube.