Self-Love and Health

A foodie's grand adventure in learning to balance self-love and health
Day 1: Eat A Rainbow- A self-love pep talk and a new healthy habit
Day 2: Giving Yourself Credit
Day 3: Progress from passion
Day 4: A dose of reality and (very impolitely) shushing the inner critic
Day 5: Resisting temptation, the frosting-eyed monster
Day 6: Are you eating in the shower?! the lemon cake spa day
Day 7: Exercise, my nemesis: a love story
Day 8: "I feel fat."
Day 9: Don't mix weight loss and alcohol
Day 10: Nibbles in the kitchen
Day 11: Surrounding yourself with loving reminders 
Day 12: Eat a Rainbow: Salad Edition 
Day 13: Feed your brain
Day 14: Gratitude: A grateful cupcake is a happy cupcake
Day 15: Share your gift, live your passion
Day 16: Wellness- take a break
Day 17: What to wear? Is self-love a style? 
Day 18: The balance disrupted: the cupcakes are winning! 
Day 19: Cloudy days 
Day 20: Self-love and passionate activism 
Day 21: Heat stroke in progress 
Day 22: Investing in your passion
Day 23: The heat wave continues
Day 24: I love chocolate
Day 25: Sweet Dreams
Day 26: Vacation!
Day 27: Travel
Day 28: In closing!

Post-Holiday Low-fat Eating 2011
Why Vegetarian?

Avocado Salad (served warm)
Banana Cream Pie raw, vegan, gluten-free, fruit-sweetened
Blackberry Pavolova low fat
Buckwheat Biscuits
Citrus Salad
Crab Apple and Cioppini Antipasto
Gratitude Bowl
Flower Nectar Granita
Kabocha Squash Frites (baked, not fried)
Kale Crisps
Minty Mock-aritas
Napa Cabbage Stir-fry
Nopale Salad with Yam Chips
Pomegranate Tapioca
Spicy Coconut Soup
Vanilla Cake Vegan Shake

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