Thursday, December 29, 2011

Post-Holiday Low-fat eating

I overdid it over the holidays. Cadbury chocolate bars, donuts, rice pudding, yule log cake, plum cake, See's candy; I was eating See's toffee-ettes on top of brownies by the handful. It got ugly. After all that, I had one of those rare occasions where I stopped craving sugar. December 26th came around and not even a twinge of a sweet tooth could muster to show up. Thank goodness!
I'm starting the New Year's resolution a little early and dedicating myself to having some healthy habits. I love posting about dessert, but I figured that I could start here on my blog and bring some ideas to all of you too for ways to recover from the holiday sugar-binge.

Greek FAGE 2% yogurt with pomegranate and a drizzle of honey. Delicious!

Lunch: Salad, hummus wrap and water
Lettuce, sliced fennel, chopped dried apple, a couple chopped walnuts and a basic vinaigrette. Take 1 tbs olive oil and 2 tsp vinegar, any type. Whisk in a small bowl with a fork, add a pinch of salt, freshly cracked black pepper and one pinch of dried Italian herbs. Pour over the salad and toss.
The hummus wrap is made with Whole Foods red pepper hummus and these great, zero-fat tortillas from the "Fat Flush" company. If you toast them, they get really crunchy but 20 seconds in the microwave makes them very soft and chewy. These tortillas have a lot of fiber and make a great wrap.

 Water: Water is so important, we all know it's true. But when it's cold out, for some reason drinking water gets a little hard for me, unless it comes in the form of hot tea. So, I decided to add some flavor. I put sliced Meyer lemons and seedless cucumber in a glass and even filled a few water bottle to take to work. The added flavor helps me drink the amount I should and it tastes very refreshing!
My godmother makes these yummy drinks all the time, I remember drinking my glass almost instantly, it was so delicious on hot summer days while my friend Melody and I played dolls (:

You can chill individual servings or fill water bottles. Try other fruits too!
 Afternoon Snack: I brought a little baggie of these guys to work. Tart, dried Montmorency cherries from Trader Joe's and some walnuts. They are very tasty, but I'm not going to lie: changing your diet is hard and I got real hungry later! Keep some baggies of these in your car to tide you over, the walnuts have the 'good fat' that you need and might help you resist swinging into a fast food joint before you get home to your healthy foods!

I managed to stay on the bandwagon for dinner too! Two more wraps, some Superfood and a bowl of quinoa  with shallots and Bragg Liquid Aminos spray. Quinoa is a great staple once you get used to it, because it is a complete protein!
Healthy eating and Happy New Year! <3

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