Saturday, November 5, 2011

Chinese Cooking, Photography and Thumbprint Cookies

I have been spending my Saturdays doing an all-day Chinese cooking class at the JC. It's been really fun, but we're all perpetually stuffed during this class (:
Today, we worked with stir-fry.

It has been raining like crazy this afternoon, it almost seemed like it was dark at 3 pm, it's been so overcast. I was a few streets down from my house when I noticed these lamp-posts shining on the wet streets. They were really pretty, but my lens kept getting wet. The affect was pretty cool, it was an interesting experiment!

Finally, I tried doing an indoor shoot when I got home. It was dark out, so I was using completely artificial light. Just trying new things and trying to improve!
These are shortbread thumbprint cookies that I've been making since forever, taught to me by grandmother. I'll post the recipe another time! <3

Stay cozy tonight! I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

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