Thursday, September 9, 2010

A lot to catch up on!!

Okay, here it goes!
After my last post, we went to see the Eiffel Tower at night. We went up to the very top and it was really beautiful! I had champagne at the top (a few sips and let a friend finish it) which was really special!
After that, Lauren Pease, Mark and I helped someone jump-start their car, so we were running down the street laughing hysterically with a Frenchman yelling "Come on, faster!!" at us until the little car started. It was really fun!
Then, we went out to dinner at an Italian place.
The next morning, we went to the Louvre! We saw such incredible artwork. 
There was a bathroom called "point WC" there. You had to pay 2 euros and They had colored toilet paper and blasting music inside. It was an experience ( ;
Then we made our way by coach (4 hours...yuck. I slept, curled up in my bus seat) to Bruges. It was tiny and very cute! Sooo many chocolate shops!!! And, Melody, they are famous for their lace! I took pictures for you ( :
We had a great little tour. Then, our little group got dinner. I embarassed myself completely in front of the waiter, but then, as the evening progressed, we all embarrassed ourselves at least once! Unfortunately, I think we established ourselves as loud Americans pretty quickly. After dinner,  went to a tiny little pub and watched my friends get tipsy on local beer. Got lost in the quiet streets of Bruges and finally got to the hotel!
Slept in late and got breakfast and money with Alisha. We had AMAZING belgian waffles and fresh orange juice at a little bistro.
Then got lost (again!!) and got on the bus to Brussels! It's a big city, pretty fun!
Saw Mannekin Pis and have already had some awesome chocolate. That's where I am now, in our hotel lobby where they have free wifi. It is too slow to post any pictures or even to send an email with a picture, but I'll keep trying ( : Much love to you all at home!


  1. Mom, Dad, before you worry, I am not just wandering around Europe completely lost ( :
    I have an emergency number with me at every moment in case we need help and it hasn't been scary yet. The guys in our group just think they have some kind of natural understanding of every place we go to, even though they've never been there before and we've done a lot of mislead wandering! ( :
    Love you

  2. Sounds like fun! We are just so excited that you are enjoying yourself!

  3. Yay! It sounds like you're having so much fun! Wow! Going to the top of the Eiffel tower sounds absolutely magical! Belgium sounds amazing too, I can't wait to see photos :) Have fun, miss you lots,
    <3 Melody

  4. Thanks mom!
    Thanks Meltz! I miss you too!
    SOOOOO much :D