Monday, September 6, 2010


Hi Everybody! I'm safely to Paris. Been awake since 5 am Sunday morning. It is currently almost 5 pm here (almost 7 am CA time)
I have been appointed the translator for the entire group, as the only person who knows any French and have had many strange conversations with people of different nationalities and grasps of the English language. I know way more than I thought, but it's still nervewracking ( ;
(((Dad, I also talked to a Lebanese couple who sat next to me on the plane. I said "bittit kalimya aarabi?" and they got excited, but then that's all I could say! ( ;)))
I am so tired, to my bones. No sleep. Listened to my story on tape on the plane and watched "the last airbender" and "just wright".
Paris is huge! And confusing. The group of us got lost and trudged and trudged. It would have been exciting if we weren't so goshdarn tired.
I literally walked right by a patisserie on a hidden street that belongs to a great chef, Lenotre. I ate a delicious treat ( :
Also ordered beer and food for everyone else at a cafe. Pretty exciting stuff.
Going on a tour in about 40 minutes.
Goodnight loved ones!
Ps. Trying and trying to upload pictures, but the internet is a little too slow at the moment. Will soon! ( :


  1. Happy travels, Lauren! Enjoy the moments of surprise, unplanned delights, and wackiness.
    We're thinking about ya!
    Auntie Carrie and Uncle Keoni-o

  2. Wow Lauren! Sounds like you hit the ground running! Hope you find LaDuree in Paris, and that you are enjoying every single moment. Lots of Love and lol,