Friday, September 17, 2010

Brighton (by the Seaside)

Today, I went to Brighton!!
Started off the morning with Lauren and I sleeping through our alarm and running out the door somewhaat frantically.
Got to the bus stop and the bus was one hour late! When it finally turned up, we had another great guide who took us on the two hour drive to the sea ( :
We passed lots of pretty countryside and trees. Brighton was very sunny and a bit windy in the morning. It was a very charming town.
Kind George the 4th (son of King George the 5th who lost the US colonies and also went insane in his later years), the then Prince of Wales made Brighton famous in the 1700s (exact date?not suuure). Prince George of Wales was having an affair with a married (Catholic) woman in the sleepy little fishing village of Brighton. He began to extend her fishing house and it eventually became his own, private pleasure palace. Much of it was finished once his father died, making him the King of England. Anyhow, it was designed on the outside to look like a spectacular Indian palace, like the Taj Mahal and is decorated to the finest detail inside with Chinese interiors. It is very stunning and regal inside. The chandeliers in the rooms look like lotus blossoms and there are dragons EVERYWHERE.
(There was a really interesting exhibit going on inside while we were visiting: An artist had installed thousands of black, ceramic butterflies flitting about and resting all over the Palace Pavilion. It was to symbolise the frivolities and sins of King George the 4th who became quite fat and ill from indulging in wine and food and also had many affairs with women at court. The artist explained that butterflies are there and then gone, flitting away so quickly, like youth and health and especially life and that George's indulgences were basically fruitless because you can't take it with you.)
So, the Kitchen...
I got to the kitchen and held the audio thing up to my ear. It was large and impressive, with shiny copper things everywhere and huge wooden butcher's blocks. It featured two new inventions in George's time: a steam table and an automated rotisserie which used pulleys and levers to operate without the need for spit turners.
I got to a point where the audio guide pointed out a lavish menu that was once served in the (very grand) dining room. And, the chef at that time, in That very kitchen was none other than Antonin Careme, the FOUNDER of cooking as we know it, who discovered the seven sauces used in the culinary arts and (I think) designed the toque. I started tearing up so much. I couldn't even leave for minutes. I felt like such a food nerd (#;
Then, I had CREAM TEA in the palace! It was pretty inexpensive and the tea. It is so Delicious here!! I could get used to drinking British tea.
The beach is beautiful there. There is a pier with awesome food (fresh donuts) and cool boutiques and cafes (treacle brownie). Had LOTS of sugar today ( ; Bought Jordan a Brighton jawbreaker too!
Came home. Got some dumpling soup with Corbin. My new favorite restaurant is called "itsu" they have really yummy, cheap soup in enormous quantities.
Going to Harrods tomorrow hopefully. Much much homework to do!!! yikes


  1. Oh! How intensely exciting! The black butterflies sound really cool, did you take any photos? Haha, you cried in a kitchen, thank you for brightening my day :) Fresh donuts sound beyond amazing. They were probably way better than the weird little ones that we bought at the fair before you left, huh? Treacle brownie??? Are you kidding me?? You know that we have to get together and make this stuff when you get home :)
    Brighton was were Elizabeth, Jane, Kitty, and Lidia Bennet would go in Pride and Prejudice. Did you see a cottage by the sea? Have you gotton my letter yet? I sent you a letter :) What's your skype name again? I want to look you up. Have a great day! miss youuu <3

  2. Sounds fantastic! Jordan is excited about the jawbreaker! your writing is so wonderful to read and the history is fascinating. Got your postcard. Love you!

  3. Dear Lauren,
    I was at Brighton over 30 years ago...and remember the kitchen...thanks for the memories! Glad that you are having a great time, and getting around to see everything!!! Thanks for sharing all your experiences! Rock on! Love, Suyin

  4. No, Melody, I haven't gotten your letter yet!!! But I DID get one from your entire family :D Thanks Suyin! and Melody! It really brightened up my day!

    I didn't see a cottage, but I really loved it there. We should go there some day, Meltz! ( :

    Have fun in Yosemite, mom! Tell the kids I say hi ( :