Sunday, October 3, 2010

This weekend

Hi everybody!
This weekend, I have been staying up and sleeping in very late. I feel like I'm having the true college dorm experience: sharing a living space, putting hot sauce or peanut butter on pretty much everything indiscriminately, having people talking til 5 am somewhere around here and sharing lots of fun times with my roomies ( :
On Friday, we went to the science museum for Corbin's birthday, which was really fun! I bought a chocolate cake and decorated it with cadbury's candy and we all sang happy birthday. The candles were puddly by the time Corbin showed up to blow them out (bad planning on our part), but it tasted delicious!
I've been playing guitar a bit more this weekend, but I'm trying not to subject my roommates to it too much and hope to get some more time in while they're at class and I'm not ( :
I have SO much homework to do tonight, so I'm going to start that. It's four thirty here, so it's practically bedtime and we all just woke up! School tomorrow, but there is a tube strike, so we will have to get very creative with transportation!

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