Friday, October 1, 2010


Made it to another weekend! ( :
Had a very good week!
Monday: Art class and Shakespeare class.
Tuesday: Math in the morning,then ....wait...I can't remember what I did after math.
Wednesday: Shakespeare class. In British Life and culture (BLC), an MP (member of parliament) came to speak to us and then we took a tour of the House of Parliament and the House of Lords. THEN I ran home to drop off my heavy backpack and went to see Henry iv part two. It was raining and I got my feet soaking wet / : Then , I got there and oh yeah...the Globe Theatre has no roof and I have a standing ticket in the yard! So, I went and paid ten pounds extra to get a seat with a sort of awful view ( ; But I was able to stay for the whole show! Brian Massey-Todd stayed too. Everyone else (including our Shakespeare teacher!!) left at intermission.
Thursday: Yesterday was nice ( : I went to math class, then to the train station to order train tickets to visit my family! (accidentally bought the wrong ones, oops). Then, I went and got tea and scones and a really yummy sandwich (cream cheese, walnuts and bell pepper) at a little shop called "The Muffin Man" with my roommate, Emily. We went shopping for a bit and then split up. I took a very long walk in Hyde Park because it was warm and sort of sunny yesterday! Then, I went shopping and got really cheap, nice sweaters at H and M and bought boots at ecco (finally, no more wet feet!)
Friday: today, I will go get new tickets at the train station, hopefully do some homework, hopefully read too. Probably make a cake for Corbin's birthday and I think we are going to the Science Museum for it!
Thinking of you all at home with the nice California weather ( ;
One of my roommates, Emily


  1. Hi Sweetie,
    I am sure enjoying hearing about your time in Europe.....what a great experience. I wish I had done something equivalent when I was young! I'm so pleased you had this opportunity.
    Much love,

  2. Your drawings are beautiful. Are they from live models? I especially love the top one. The line quality is really elegant.
    <3 Melody

  3. Thanks, Melody! They were from Greek marble statues <3