Monday, October 10, 2011

Las Vegas

I just returned from a trip to Las Vegas with my family and was so impressed by some fantastic shows and meals that we had!
I am inspired to cook some new things for my family when they return. I'm just compiling a list at the moment. I had forgotten how many great cookbooks I have collected. I keep them on a shelf across from my bed so I can look at the spines while I fall asleep, but it has been a while since I took down some of the older additions to my collection.
One of the things that I loved in Las Vegas (at the Four Seasons hotel) were currant scones with lemon curd. Instantly, I was transported back to London to some tea shop, revelling over a cup of English breakfast tea, taking a welcome break from the cold. I believe it may have been at a Patisserie Valerie, probably the one on Torrington Place, near our school (although it is a chain and there are many) that I had a scone like this; what set it apart is that they were fresh from the oven. I don't like raisins, but there is something exotic about currants that commends them.
Hopefully I'll be posting a recipe for currant scones and lemon curd very soon!

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