Wednesday, July 11, 2012

tipsy eggs and forest fries

My dad has been making cottage fries since I was a little kid. He used to make all kinds, from spicy cubes doused in salsa, to salt and vinegar potatoes that tasted just like chips.
The trick to perfect cottage fries every time is to use baked potatoes that are chilled overnight in the fridge. The potatoes take on a firm, but tender consistency that holds up perfectly in the frying pan.
These cottage fries are of the salt and vinegar variety but are also full of sweet, spring shallots and studded with succulent portobello mushrooms.
Serve with tipsy eggs for a well-rounded vegetarian breakfast.

Forest Fries~ serves two
2 baked potatoes, kept in an airtight container overnight in the fridge
1 portobello mushroom, gently washed and diced
1 spring shallot, fine julienned
apple cider vinegar
black pepper
olive oil

Start a pan with olive oil and toss in the shallots. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, then add the mushrooms. Keep the oil on hand in case they dry. Once the mushrooms begin to darken, cube the potatoes (skin on) and toss them in with a generous splash of apple cider vinegar. Be sure to add a little more oil if it looks dry so that the potatoes will brown properly. Stir to let all sides of the cubes become crisp. Taste a fry and add vinegar and salt to your preference. Serve with tipsy eggs.

Tipsy Eggs~ serves two
2 eggs
white wine
hot paprika

Start a pan with a pat of butter on medium heat, being careful not to let the butter darken. Whisk the eggs with a few Tbs of water and a Tbs of white wine. Add a pinch of salt and a sprinkling of paprika. Scramble the egg with the butter. Serve with forest fries and fresh, chopped 'flatleaf' parsley.

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