Saturday, September 24, 2011

Simplicity and Tomatoes

Today, I watched the film "No Impact Man" and the film "Eatrip" which is a Japanese film about the rituals of eating.
I went into our family's garden this evening and watered it , then went to pick the new tomatoes that were ripe. I am not much of a tomato person, but I tried one of the tiny tomatoes, smaller than your fingernail. It tasted like a grape; it was so sweet!
This day made me think about the things that are most important in life and why I love food. I think it is because it can be beautiful; that is pleasing to your eyes, your sense of taste and smell, even pleasing to your ears and to the touch, but above all, to your soul. I thought about the fact that eating with others is a common tradition around the world. I think that eating with others has something to do with that satisfaction of the soul. Not just when you feel full, but when you feel happy and changed after a really good meal.
Here are some pictures of the tomatoes, which I shared with our dog Macy ( :

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